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Built in 1910. Between 1910-1938 it served as an institution for misbehaved boys. Boys from Gothenbourg who had done something wrong or if they had parents who couldn't take care of them, or were simply poor, were sent to Vrångsholmen. The house was described by the boys as "hell on earth". Discipline and hard work was what they had to learn. The teachers were told to punish the boys and to be tough to them. The rumours say that one teacher, who once tried to console a boy, was fired for being soft. There were locks on the windows to the dorms and the staff guarded the house day and night.

In 1981 the house was bought by a number of artists (painters, photographers, musicians, writers, architects) and they still own and run it. Today there are art exibitions, courses, concerts and a place for artist to meet and develop. I would say the house is a combo of an art hall and a museum. It's really worth a visit. You have to walk around inside the house to be able to feel the old vibe in there. It's kind of scary. You can imagine what the boys felt when they stayed there. The big old dorms are now great open space for exibitions. When you walk down into the damp cold cellar it's easy (and scary at the same time) to picture what the boys felt living there.

Bengt Franzén, one of the promoters and original owners since 1981, is till active in the house. You can see him in one of the photos in the garden. Read more here.

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