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When you look at these photos it's hard to believe that this calm and beautiful place is one of the roughest passages for boats along the Swedish coast. Windy days it's a totally different story. Then the big waves wash into the sharp rock formations between the light house and the shore line and create a deceiteful place for boats.

The light house (Väcker) was built in 1939 and helps boats from Grebbestad in the south into Edsvik and Havstenssund in the north. The light house had to close for a  few years, only one year after it was constructed, because of the blackout during the second world war.

Today you park your car about two kilometres from the light house and there's an easy hike on a wide trail so you can see the light house from the mail land. Bring your thermos of cofffee and enjoy the hike to the light house. All types of weather are spectacular. Maybe hard winds attract most people though ;-)

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