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Daftö - Öddö - Tjärnö - Saltö

Four islands on the Swedish west coast connected with an old winding road and some narrow bridges. You can drive your car all the way out to Saltö, park it there and walk around the island on beautiful trails. You will find a spectacular landscpae with the sea and the horizon as the backdrop.

Depending on where on the island you are the trees will look different. It's amazing. Next to the sea where there's no shelter for the tress they are low and crocked and grow close to the ground. In the middle of the island where the trees have found some shelter behind the big rock formations they are straight and tall. You only have like five minutes walk from one place to the other. Fantastic!

There are nice trails you can choose but if you want to be a bit more adventurous you can walk on the granite rock formations along the sea to make sure you follow the entire shore line. No problem with the right shoes on - I suggest you try that!

On one beach you are acctually not allowed to pick any trash. This beach is a reference beach. They want to see how much trash, what sorts of trash and when it is coming from the sea. Then they collect it and take it away - just amazing.

The entire area is part of the Kosterhavet National Park - well worth a visit :-)

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