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A night at Havstenssund in Bohuslän

In old historic texts from the 12th century you can read about the town as an important place for people who traveled by boat. Fishing, stone industry and cargo were the main industries in the beginning of the 19th century.

Today it's a picturesque little town with the church, windmill and the old buildings where the fishermen used to live. The harbour is a nice place where a lot of boats look for shelter when it's windy or if they just want to stay overnight in a calm little guest harbour.

It's a friendly feeling when I walk around with my camera in Havstenssund. People say hi and smile. The alleys between the original houses are so tight you can hardly drive your car there and on some of the streets you still walk on the old paving. I really love spending late nights here with my camera when the sun sets and the whole town turns yellowish.

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