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Bike Ride

There are many reasons why I ride my mountainbike. Sometimes I want a proper work out and I go fast and try to push it as hard as I can. Other times I just cruise around with some friends and we chat and look at the sorroundings. A few of my rides I am better off on my own and that is when I really want to take photos of things I see when I ride. At rides when I want to take photos I go slower, I stop and look at things (occasionally I don't even know what I am looking at,  I just watch). I even turn around and go back because I might have seen something I wanted to take a photo of.

Today's bike ride was in Bohuslän and I went around the two islands Galtö and Resö. The photos below mirror my ride around the two islands.

Along my trip I passed a camp of boy scouts where they had a great time and were preparing dinner. When I crossed the bridge over to Galtö I stopped and talked to some local fishermen ... who hadn't caught anything :-) But, they were laughing and said they had a great time anyway. It was nice to be outside in the sun, they said.

There's a number of buildings that catch your eye on both Galtö and Resö. Old buildings, new buildings, boat houses, churches and many other buildings. The old toilet at one of the camping sites is normally not a building you pay attention to. But I know it has been there for at least 50 years now (maybe more) ... so I had better take a photo of it before they tear it down. Another building I often pass is the old kiosk on Resö where we bought candy when I was a kid. In the little window to the left they sold hot dogs (this was before hamburgers).

All in all, a nice bike ride around two beautiful islands. A trip I will do many more times ... :-)

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