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I was born in Sweden and I grew up in the northern parts of the country with lots of snow and skiing. Sports have always been a great part of my life and at the university I studied to become Physical Education teacher and English teacher. Since I grew up in the mountains I have been skiing all my life and I have worked as an alpine ski instructor for close to 40 years now. I have worked in Sweden, New Zealand and in the US and I have represented Sweden at a number of international ski congresses all over the world.

I inherited the interest of photography from my dad. He was the photographer in the family and he had several cameras. I still have some of them left in the attic in my house in Åre, Sweden. My first camera was a super old thing my grand dad left me. I think I've only taken one role of film with it. The camera was outdated before I really had the chance to use it and  it was a struggle to get hold of film for it. That camera is also still in the attic.

I am a Nikon guy with the big cameras. Then I have a number of different small cameras I more or less always carry around. My photography mirrors my interests and my occupation. On this site you see a lot of photos of mountains, outdoor life, sports, nature and landscape. You also find several photos from the Swedish west coast, where I have spent many summers. 

Over the years I have sold photos to different magazines, newspapers and people who want my photos as art on their walls. I have published one photo book called Årebilder with photos from my home town Åre. You can see more photos from Åre at this facebook page where I post regularly.

Ola Rockberg

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Ola Rockberg
+46 730653290 (Sw phone)
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